Christine Daley is a product designer in NYC.
Christine has been designing mobile and web products for the last 5 years, and is currently designing for micro-mobility systems in American cities. Previously, Christine was helping fight crime at Ravelin where she enabled fraud analysts to successfully use machine learning to detect and prevent fraud. In her spare time she's working on bringing big data to healthcare, and clarity to people's IBS symptoms.
For 3 years, Christine has worked with a number of interdisciplinary teams, at startups and businesses across a variety of industries, to design and build digital products in a more connected world. Her other works include projects with HBO, Amtrak, and Modern Spaces.
Problem-solving and visual design are what Christine's great at doing. She gets excited about public transport and ideas of how to make them better, learning from smart and talented people, working with data to inform decisions, and building things. Doing it all in-between feeding her 2 cats and dog, rock climbing, and playing video games.
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